Safehaven is a voice for families and their children. We invite you to hear what Safehaven families say about their experience with our respite and residential services.

“I never believed that anyone else could look after my child the way I can. It’s been a wonderful experience for our family – and our son.”

“We’ve found the staff to be totally caring, professional and compassionate, like part of our family. It’s a home away from home.”

“What’s reassuring for us is that respite is a continuation of our son’s daily routine. He still goes to school from Safehaven.”

“If I’d known that respite care could make such a huge difference in our lives, I wouldn’t have been so resistant to the idea.”

“Respite affords us the ability to let our guard down emotionally and physically. We can sleep in, no schedules, plan our days in a less structured manner, and do simple things like going to dinner, a movie and talking on the phone. When our son comes home, everything just seems manageable.”

“Respite gave us the opportunity to take a family vacation with our other children for the first time in over six years. We didn’t realize how badly we all needed time away with each other.”

“Respite provides a chance to catch our breath so that we are rejuvenated in the continuing demands of our child’s care.”

“I am convinced that more than once Safehaven saved our daughter’s life. Safehaven meant we could talk with other families who were in similar situations and realize that we were not alone.”

“Having a key to the house gives us the opportunity to participate in our son’s life.”

“I never thought a place like this was possible.”