Ahmed’s Story

Meet Ahmed, a resilient five-year-old boy from Turkey, whose entire family’s lives changed forever when Ahmed was born.

Ahmed was born with a genetic condition that causes muscle weakness and atrophy which affects his ability to walk, talk, eat, and breathe. He’s dependent on a trach and vent to breathe, and a feeding tube to eat. His condition meant every breath and every meal was a battle, but Ahmed’s spirit remained undaunted. In fact, he’s already beaten the odds and outlived the typical life expectancy of those with his condition.

His parents desperately wanted to give him a good quality of life, filled with joy and laughter and hope. This led them to come to Canada in order to access better treatment and services for Ahmed. Ahmed found a new home at Safehaven, and he leads a full life, even if it is a little different than other kids his age. Remarkably, he has learned to communicate through eye gaze technology. This cutting-edge system allows him to interact with a screen using only his eyes, allowing him to express his thoughts, needs, and desires despite his physical limitations. He especially loves to call over his favourite staff members with this system when he wants them to play with him.

Despite his differences, Ahmed is a typical child in many ways. He attends public school on weekdays, and he absolutely loves the show Paw Patrol. In fact, his 5th birthday party had a Paw Patrol theme and he dressed up as his favourite character. Perhaps the most heartwarming measure of his progress is that he now has a best friend! Initially at odds with his Safehaven roommate, Greyson, their bond has grown over the years, and they now want to do everything together.

They look out for each other, too. When Ahmed got a haircut, Greyson tried to protect him as he feared the scissors would hurt him. Ahmed’s family has shared that they are beyond grateful for all that Safehaven has done for them, but also for the Canadian government’s intervention that not only saved Ahmed’s life but also their own.

After a very difficult start to his life, Safehaven was the first place Ahmed could call home.