Arnica’s Story

My name is Hossein. After arriving to Canada in October 2018, I searched for an organization that offered services for my daughter, Arnica.

I’m a single parent and I have religious barriers that made it difficult to properly provide for her. I knew I needed to find a place for Arnica where she would be surrounded by love and receive the support she needed.

I came across Safehaven and after meeting the wonderful team, I knew that this was the best place for my daughter but there was no spot available at the time. She’s my child, I want what is best for her and I fought for something she deserves – a better life, to receive the specialized care she needs, and to be surrounded by 24/7 support.

I persisted in my advocacy for her and when a spot opened up last year, Arnica was able to move into the Clayland location which is only a short five-minute drive away from home. The transition could not have been more seamless.

She accepted the new environment so easily and loves the staff there. Whenever I visit, she’s almost always happy. I want her to know that I am still with her and the open communication with the staff makes that possible.

They’re all amazing and I always get updates about how Arnica wants to be the centre of attention and how much she is enjoying herself. She’s so comfortable there and that’s all I could have asked for and more.

Knowing that Arnica is benefiting by living in a place where she feels like she is at home gives me peace of mind. I know she’s in good hands.

Safehaven goes above and beyond, and it is a gift to me to have Arnica in a home where she can thrive and belong