Achieving Better Accessibility Through Integrated Care

Over the years, Ontario’s healthcare system has been evolving to become more integrated for patients and individuals of all ranges of abilities. Safehaven is an advocate and contributor to this change, taking a leadership role within the developmental services sector to create a more accessible world for people with complex care needs. Our aim is to bridge the specific gaps that exist for this population within the general healthcare system for vulnerable individuals, while also enhancing inclusion for all.

#WeBelong in an Accessible Future 

Transitional, integrated care is a practice that focuses on a person-centred approach, where a comprehensive treatment plan is created for the client’s unique, individual goals. At the beginning of May, in partnership with Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital (“Holland Bloorview”), the Government of Ontario announced that they are investing $3.4 million over three years to fund our new transitional, integrated care program. This program will provide system navigation and short-term transitional care of up to 120 days to ensure continued success for the client and family as they return home or to a residential setting after a hospital stay.

The Transitional Program goals include:

  • Developing innovative transitional care solutions advancing individuals with complex care needs and their families from hospital to the community or home;
  • Education and support for families to fully acquire the new skills necessary to care for their medically complex child at home;
  • Enriching the quality of life for individuals with complex care needs and their families as they seamlessly transition through the care system;
  • Creating capacity within acute and post-acute hospitals by alleviating alternate level of care (ALC) patients who can be safely cared for in the community and;
  • Providing research and best practices when available for the development and provision of transitional services for individuals with medically complex care needs.  

This program will address gaps in our current system and provide seamless transitions across the care continuum. Ensuring high quality and safe care for patients and families is a primary focus on this partnership with hospitals. Our goal is to support an integrated approach to transitions for medically complex children so they can move back to their homes or other community care support services, as many families are often overwhelmed with the daily challenges in raising a child with complex care needs.

Expanding Capacity & Choice and Revolutionizing Care is Our Priority 

This new program perfectly aligns with two of Safehaven’s new strategic priorities from our 2022-2027 Strategic Plan to “Expand Capacity and Provide Choices” and “Revolutionize Care. With the complex care population, every client’s situation is unique, so having a seamless and effective care plan that is reflective of their individual needs and factors in their physical, mental, behavioural and familial situations is essential. 

Safehaven is fortunate to be in a privileged position to lead and influence the healthcare system as it focuses on a personalized care delivery model. This is especially important for individuals with complex care needs who often face significant challenges accessing services. We believe our new transitional, integrated program is a positive step towards a bright, new future where individuals with complex care needs can feel that they belong.