‘I want to kiss her. I haven’t been able to do her hair’: A mother’s frustration at distancing from her daughter with special needs

Denise Cozier likes to keep her daughter Deshae informed about the little things: for example, the weather, and the days…

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100 Years of Bloomberg Nursing at U of T: Susan Bisaillon Leadership Feature

Susan Bisaillon MSc (Nursing), 1992 Chief Executive Officer, Safehaven Susan Bisaillon advises the next generation of student nurses to follow…

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Safehaven welcomes Government of Ontario announcement on COVID-19 funding

Safehaven, a community based organization providing important and compassionate care for individuals with medically complex care needs, welcomes the announcement…

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More help needed for kids with disabilities who age out of care system, parents say

For most adults, their 21st birthday is an exciting time marking another step toward independence. However, for Deane Daprato, the son of…

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MPs visit Safehaven

                  Ontario MPs visited Safehaven and shared their thought on how we…

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As parents of complex special-needs kids, we know inclusive education doesn’t work

Toronto-based parents Phil Richmond and Hayley Avruskin have two children with complex disabilities. They are part of the Congregated School…

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