Safehaven Celebrates the Government of Ontario’s Action Plan: Protecting People’s Health & Our Economy

(Toronto – March 25, 2021) – The Government of Ontario’s Spring 2021 Budget is another encouraging step in the direction of supporting vulnerable populations like those with medically complex care needs. The budget acknowledges and emboldens persons with disabilities, their families and the tireless work of non-profits and the front-line heroes who support them.

Safehaven is encouraged by the specific consideration given to persons with disabilities in programs like the COVID-19 Child Benefit top-up, the Skills Development Fund, and increased Mental Health supports. Moreover, Safehaven welcomes the introduction of thirteen million dollars to assist more people with developmental disabilities in accessing community housing and expanding the Adult Protective Service Worker program to support our clients to live independently.

We have worked closely with government partners to identify sectoral gaps, provide real client accounts and support individuals who age out of the system and face barriers to accessing proper housing and care.

“I’ve seen firsthand the exceptional care Safehaven Project for Community Living provides their clients,” said Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario. “As part of our government’s unwavering commitment to protect people’s health, we are proud to collaborate with Safehaven to better support and care for children with complex care needs.”

This budget can support individuals socially and economically, regardless of where they fall on the care spectrum; Page 49 of the budget showcases the interdisciplinary background, elevated model of care and level of advocacy Safehaven has consistently delivered over the past three years.

“Ontario is exploring options for innovative models of care including collaboration with The Safehaven Project for Community Living and other health system partners to test a new model of integrated transitional care for children leaving hospitals in Toronto. The model would provide services for children with medically complex care needs who no longer require hospital care but are not ready to return home.” Page 49, Ontario Budget

Our clients are at the centre of everything we do; there is overwhelming research to support the positive social and health impacts of transitioning children, youth, and young adults into community-based care.

“Our government is proud to collaborate with The Safehaven Project for Community Living and other health partners to deliver community-based care that is truly centered around the needs of patients and families,” said Christine Elliott, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health. “We look forward to working together to ensure Ontarians of all ages and abilities are able to receive the high-quality care they need, when and where they need it.”

Safehaven is humbled to work in partnership with the MOH and MCCSS to scope innovative and integrated models that maximize a client’s quality of life. “Throughout COVID-19, our government has been very responsive to understand our challenges, identify solutions and support our needs. This budget is a reflection of their willingness, concern, and quick ability to support positive transformation for persons with disabilities and medical complexities,” shared Susan Bisaillon, CEO. Bisaillon added, “Moreover, the funding will allow organizations like Safehaven to better support our clients and their families, and our employees safely and thoughtfully. With Premier Ford, Minister Elliott, Minister Smith, and the Government of Ontario’s support, we can maintain innovative services at Safehaven and maintain the collaborative partnerships that emerged from the crisis.”

Safehaven is thankful to Premier Ford, Ministers Smith and Elliott, Associate Minister Dunlop, MPP Hogarth, MPP Surma and MPP Cuzzetto for their diligence and advocacy in ensuring representation within the Spring 2021 Budget. Operationalizing the budget is equally as crucial as pre-consultation, therefore we look forward to working together with our clients, government, and community partners to increase innovation and accountability as we collectively strive to overcome COVID-19 and center persons with disabilities.

We are changemakers.

We are advocates.

We are community.

We Belong.

For further information please contact:

Allie Cotter
Policy & Development Lead