Kyle’s Story


While Kyle’s journey has been long and difficult, he found relief at Safehaven. Kyle was diagnosed with La Noua Gusto Syndrome – a rare and progressive form of epilepsy that has affected his ability walk, talk, and participate in normal childhood activities.

As his condition evolved, so did his health care journey. He found his home at Safehaven in 2022 as one of the first clients welcomed into the TCMCC program. The best decision for Kyle was to transition him into one of our permanent homes where he could continue to receive 24/7 support.

He now lives with his new friends in our Etobicoke location. His parents, Mary and Rachelle, and his beloved dog, Cooper, are frequent visitors. Despite his challenging seizure condition, Kyle remains kind-hearted and has a great sense of humour. Staff know he’s happy when he gives his signature double thumbs up approval.

He continues to go to school and his comprehension is stronger than his ability to vocally communicate. He’s able to communicate with his family, staff, and friends in English, American Sign Language, and his trademark sarcasm.

In Kyle’s life, there were no simple solutions, no easy fixes. But amidst the challenges, there was hope and determination by his family and Safehaven to help him live the best life possible.