Our Resilient Youth

Our Resilient Youth

Rhys' Story

For Rhys and his family, Safehaven’s respite care program gives them a break from their regular routine. As members of our community, Rhys can access essential care and support brought on by his genetic condition that causes seizures, while his family can attend to other aspects of their lives to sustain their well-being for periods at a time. While in respite, Rhys feels right at home – and receives the same care and support that his loving family regularly provides.

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Joseph's Story

The hard reality is, children age out of developmental disability support programs once they turn 18 – but many require the same essential supports to remain healthy and achieve their full potential in young adulthood. Over twenty years ago, Joseph was born and diagnosed with agenesis of the corpus callosum, but being over the age of 18 threatens his access to the care he needs. Safehaven continues to advocate for Joseph and many youths on the cusp of adulthood by aiming to expand our programming to include affordable housing, so we can continue supporting them on their journey to a full life.

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Tia's Story

Safehaven’s residential care service provides Tia with security. Today, she thrives in the face of Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Developmental Delay, Cytomegalovirus and seizure disorder diagnoses. For Tia’s family, Safehaven has provided her a much-needed sense of stability and routine that furthers her physical and social development, and unique gifts.

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Ahmed's Story

“I couldn’t explain how happy I was when all of this was done to save my son’s life. This didn’t just save Ahmed, but it saved our family.”

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Cameron's Story

“It’s very difficult to find respite supports for Cameron. The main option is a nursing home, which is not the right place for him. And unless you can pay a lot of money for personal support workers, you are left hung out to dry.”

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Kyle's Story

While Kyle’s journey has been long and difficult, he found relief at Safehaven. In Kyle’s life, there were no simple solutions, no easy fixes. But amidst the challenges, there was hope and determination by his family and Safehaven to help him live the best life possible.

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Christians's Story


Thank you Safehaven for everything you have done for me.”

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Arnica's Story

“Safehaven goes above and beyond, and it is a gift to me to have Arnica in a home where she can thrive and belong.”

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Support Our Resilient Youth

For most people, resilience is the ability to cope and grow stronger in the face of adversity – often feeling like it can come easier to some than others. But resilience isn’t inherent: it can be learned and developed, especially for children with disabilities and their families who support their journey.

At Safehaven, our disability support services like residential and respite care are designed to build resilience in youths learning to live with cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, and other developmental disabilities and medical conditions that require complex care.