Meet Nichola – one of our amazing Timber Lane location staff!

Welcome back to the introductions for the Safehaven CCC’s (Client Care Coordinators) and the prelude to the Scotiabank Marathon! Let’s introduce the last, but not least,team lead from the Timber Lane home at our Woodbridge location!

This year, Nichola Higgs will be approaching her fourth year at Safehaven. Nichola began her journey at Safehavenas a registered practical nurse (RPN) and has now been the CCC at Timber Lane for two years.Nichola oversees the nursing staff at all locations, staffing at Timber Lane, but most significantly, is on the floor in a nursing role for the clients!

Nichola started as a care provider thirteen years ago at an agency called Preferred Health Care. But four years ago, Safehaven’sinspiringmission and promises guided Nichola toward her position with Safehaven. Not only did she have a desire to work within pediatrics, but she was seeking to work alongside ateam as passionate and diligent as her. Safehaven checked all of the boxes on her list – which has kept her at Safehaven for these four years and counting.

When asked about a few of her favorite things at Safehaven, Nichola quickly answered, “obviously the clients.” Nichola says that it’s the team and clientsat Timber Lane that keep her happy coming into work day-to- day. Some of the best memories for Nichola include taking the kids swimming and seeing their faces filled with joy. But theSafehavenbirthday, barbeque, Halloween and Christmas partieswith parents and clients always make for the most enjoyable and heartwarming memories.

At Safehaven, our staff has the privilege of being a part of the many blissful moments in the lives of our clients; however, they’re not always joyful moments. The toughest experiences that Nichola faces at Safehaven, is when a client passes, those are forever the hardest and most hurtful experiences. But despite the grief, these sufferings create a stronger staff and a stronger team that Timber Lane truly exemplifies.

The first thing Nichola described herself as was an advocate – she truly works as an advocate for these kids and families.As an advocate and staff at Safehaven, sheshares that one of the most important lessons to learn isbeing capable of not just listening, but hearing the needs and concerns of clients and families. Comprehension is imperative, which allows Nichola to “know what works to better the moods of each client, which makes you feel like you’re doing the job right.”

Nichola describes the Timber Lane staff with having very strong personalities –which makes for fantastic advocacywhen everyone works as a team. “The staff is flexible and caring, as the needs of the locations are forever changing, and at any emergency, the staff at Timber Lanewill always pull through.” Everyone can always be learning from one another, and it’s important to keep that cycle of education alive at Timber Lane.

As the excitement grows for the arrival of the Scotiabank marathon – the Timber Lane residents are getting excited! Last year the Timber Lane location had a pretty big team, and led the race! Their best technique for fundraising was definitely utilizing social media and the competitive nature between the homes! “It’s surprising what a little bit of competition can do!” The money raised at Timber Lane will be going toward the recreation program and any needs of the home.“When you’re at an event with the kids, it doesn’t feel like work.” Being together with staff and clients outside of the location is great fun – the atmosphere is always different when you’re outside enjoying an activity!

Nichola ends off by letting us know that “we’re always looking for first place” but they’re keeping an eye out for the boys, the top competition over at Glenaden!

This concludes our weeklong series of Safehaven’s CCC’s introduction and Scotiabank Marathon sneak peek! We hope you’re just as motivated as our clients and will take on the Marathon with us!

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