Vimala and Brenda both agree – every milestone a client hits is a memorable one!

Welcome back to the introductions for the Safehaven CCC’s (Client Care Coordinators) and the prelude to the Scotiabank Marathon! This week we have the privilege of getting to know two very important staff at Safehaven; Vimala Sait and Brenda Kielley! They are this week’s representatives from the Aurora location!

Vimala originallyworked in the IT administrative field, but felt like she needed to make a change. That’s when she decided she wanted to give back, and really felt something when working with the vulnerable population. She came to Safehaven for an orientation two years ago, “and the rest just fell into place.”Brenda’s journey at Safehaven began fourteen years ago; she was three months out of college when she went for an interview at Safehaven, and her caring qualities got her hired on the spot.  Brenda and Vimala both work as RSW’s as they provide care for their clients, ensure appointments are booked and kept, and hygiene and in-house involvement is maintained.

Vimala and Brenda explain the two main things that make their experience at Safehaven so wonderful; the staff and clients. Vimala adds that “the clients are joyful, so we call them our kids, and the staff creates a warm and caring environment, so we call ourselves the A-Team.”  Brenda explains that “I know I make a difference when the kids smile back, and that leaves me fulfilled when I leave for the night.”

When asked about their most memorable moments at Safehaven, Vimala and Brenda could not give us just one. “Every milestone is memorable in its own way; it can’t be justified to give just one!” However, birthdays at Aurora seem to be a great deal of fun as the staff decorate the house, make birthday cakes, and write cards from all staff and clients! Brenda simply states, “Everyday” fond memories are created daily, there isn’t just one.  

As the highs in the house come abundant and enlightening, tough experiences are present from time to time. It’s like every other work environment, “we have our ups and downs, it’s all a part of life, but as staff we tackle those difficulties as a team.” Vimala further explains that every staff is thankful and appreciative for what they have, but more importantly, what they are able to give back.

“Being here for fourteen years says it all, there’s a reason why I’ve been here so long.”Brenda cares for the kids, “as if they were my own, the whole team is extremely involved and an overall amazing staff.”

As the Scotiabank Marathon rolls around the Aurora team is ready and excited! Vimala tells us that it was a fantastic experience last year, “it made the staff feel like a team, being a part of something like the marathon.” The Aurora team is ahead of the game and has a garage sale planned for August 24th to get their fundraising started!

Brenda explains that she was surprised at how well the marathon went last year, everyone was very involved. “it turned out great!”


Check in tomorrow for the Timber Lame location team introduction and the prelude to the Scotiabank Marathon.

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