Briana’s commitment to our clients knows no bounds!

Welcome back to the introductions for the Safehaven CCC’s (Client Care Coordinators) and the prelude to the Scotiabank Marathon! Let’s introduce the team lead from the Bloor home at our Toronto location!

Briana Moncrieffehas have been working as a committed care provider for ten years, starting at VHA agency. She shortly realized that her passion rested within pediatrics and wanted to make a difference in the lives of children. Briana was then led toSafehavenby a friend and staff member at Safehaven. After a quick research on the services thatSafehavenprovides; she was immediately driven to reach out for a position. After Briana’s first day, “it was exactly what I thought it would be; the environment, staff, and clients exceeded the expectations I had.” Briana has now been working at Safehaven for almost three years; she started her journey at Clayland, and in recognition of her hard work, is now the CCC at the Bloor location.

When working at Safehaven, care extends so much further than physical care for clients, “you’re their healthcare team, but significantly, we are emotional support.” “You get to know these kids so closely, that seeing them grow older, smarter and being able to accomplish their goals is greatly rewarding.”

For Briana, the best memories include the events that she has shared with both friends and clients. One of the most memorable moments Brianna recalled was the iheart radio concert that she attended with Anita and one of her friends. There were memories of the two singing together the entire concert and enjoying the whole night chatting. “My friend still asks about Anita – and follows up with how she’s doing.” It’s not just a volunteer, who impacts the life a client, but the children have such a deep impact on you – and it’s that effect the children exert that keep you going.”

Briana loves what she does as a care provider at Safehaven,“because watching the kids develop to become more independent individuals is what the job is about.” At Safehaven staff works to ensure that the children are living a life full of fun, not full of worry. “I had the opportunity to watch him grow before my eyes, seeing his physical, social and emotional health flourish was gratifying.”Briana finds the joy in seeing him strong, healthy and silly enough to come in and “lick things that he shouldn’t be – his health has improved tremendously.”

Briana signifies the core qualities that a Safehaven frontline staff requires – accountability, patience, and a caring, fun heart. Briana emphasizes the fact that“if you don’t have patience, it’ll be difficult to work here” – the staff embody such patient and caring qualities that make Safehaven what it is.

For Briana, “it’s one of the best jobs I’ve ever had -nobody at Safehaven quits, as tough as it gets you’re coming into work and the kids are going to make you smile.” If any Safehaven staff is having a difficult day, they drop it at the door and forget about their personal hardships, “when you see how much the kids admire and adore you – you can’t help but smile.”

The recreation program most definitely puts a smile on these faces, and that’s why the Bloor staff will be fundraising and participating in the Scotiabank Marathon!

The Bloor location will definitely be getting the kids involved for fundraising. Briana tells us that she’s looking to have the kids make crafts, like bracelets– and selling those for fundraising. Briana also tells us that people are always stopping and looking in at what Safehaven is all about. “We’re going to utilize that curiosity to our advantage to get the community involved.”

Don’t count the Bloor location out – the staff is fighting to participate and fundraise for their kids. “At the end of the day, it’s always for the kids, and that’s what counts.”

Check-in tomorrow for the Clayland location team introduction and the prelude to the Scotiabank Marathon.

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