Natalia is leading the way for our main office marathon team!

Today we are introducing the lead from the Main Office team, Natalia Martinez-Nagles!

Natalia started her journey working with nonprofits at a youth arts program –supporting at-risk youth ages 16-29 with limited opportunities, in need of mentorship. For two years Natalia was a dedicated staff working in fundraising and coordinating programs for the organization, and it was there that Natalia realized that she had a desire to continue working at non-profits with youth. These experiences had merely sparked the beginning of her journey working with vulnerable populations. As her skills were developing, she was striving to fulfill new opportunities and Safehaven made a perfect fit. Natalia had never been presented with the opportunity to work in an environment like Safehaven and was thrilled with the opportunity to learn more about the organization.

Natalia has now been diligently working with Safehaven for 6 months as the development officer, where she works in philanthropy and communications. Some of her roles include working on proposals for grants, and support for fundraising and events.

Although Natalia works in the office, she still has the privilege of getting to see the clients and families come through every day. “I love having the kids here, they’re only a floor away, and we have the pleasure of visiting their smiles at any time of the day.” And if they’re lucky, the office staff has the opportunity to see some of the programs that the kids get to enjoy like the music, clown and animal therapy. It’s Natalia’s hard work that goes on behind the scene; fighting for grants and funding that allow these programs to happen – “and it’s rewarding, getting to see what my work can lead to.”

Within Natalia’s six months of being at Safehaven, one of her best memories was the illumination – stewardship event. The focus for this event was engagement and awareness and “it showed me that the people who know about Safehaven really care as they brought friends to continue the support for Safehaven.”

Natalia also stands as the lead behind the entirety of the Scotiabank Marathon at Safehaven this year! She is the drive to get staff signed up and started on their fundraising! The main office at Safehaven comprises their own team, as they call themselves “the paper pushers!” The paper pushers are brought to you by Maria Gregoriou who will definitely be the creative mind behind the team. They are expecting to be a complete team of 11 staff members, where their fundraising will go toward a Safeavenprogram of their choice that will benefit all of the locations like; art or music therapy programs.

“Even though I’m not a front line staff – we see the kids and families every day at the office – and it is important to embody the qualities that frontline staff would have; respectful, caring, patient and kind.”

We are looking forward to being together and having moments with the kids that will make for a fantastic day at the Marathon!

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