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Who and What Are Safehaven’s CCC’s?

Welcome to the weeklong series of introductions for our Safehaven’s CCC’s (Client Care Coordinators) and Scotiabank sneak peek. A post a day will familiarize us with our CCC’s and provide us with a glance at what Safehaven has planned for the upcoming Scotiabank Marathon!

Let’s introduce the team lead and CCC from the Glenaden home at our Etobicoke location!

This October, Nancy Alfaro will be a dedicated member at Safehaven for Twelve years. Nancy has worked at every location throughout her journey at Safehaven but has been working for two years as a CCC at Glenaden.

Before Nancy began her journey at Safehaven, she started working as a care provider at community living in Massachusetts – where she started as a summer student and was eventually hired. As Nancy was deciding to leave for Canada to pursue an education in nursing, Safehaven had offered her a position, and she jumped at the opportunity.

Through small ratios of two clients per one staff, Safehaven provides detailed quality care – something Nancy truly respects. Additionally, Nancy tells us that Safehaven represents a diverse population within both staff and clients. This environment is significant for Nancy, because through this diversity; Safehaven offers a home-like and comforting climate for clients and their families.

For Nancy, her fondest memories always include the kids on outings. “We have great activities that go on at the location, but there’s nothing like seeing their excitement when they’re out in their element.” Nancy will never forget Rohan’s first time swimming, “he was thrilled to be in the pool, it was something so different that he had never experienced.” But what tops it all, was Anita getting ready for her high school prom. Even days before her prom – she was thrilled. “It was something I’ll never forget – she felt so beautiful.”

Heartbreaking memories are the most upsetting to recall but sometimes are the most significant in a staff members’ life. “You’re never supposed to have favorites – but his smile compared to no other, I truly believe that he could understand everything we said.” After the passing of one of Nancy’s clients, she could still hear the sounds he made – they echoed in her head for months.

Profound passion runs deep here at Safehaven, and its staff like Nancy that exemplifies this energy and determination that allows Safehaven to thrive. Nancy tells us that she sees the great potential in Safehaven, but its staff like Nancy who exerts that illuminating potential.

“I love what I do because of the smiles I get in the morning, the kids are excited because they hear your voice, and that makes it all worth it.”

The kid’s excitement follows through to the Scotiabank Marathon! Nancy is hoping that her whole team will be participating in the Scotiabank Marathon this year; including her 10 staff and 6 clients! Each one of the residents will definitely be taking on the marathon including; Patrick, Joey + Kevin, Kimone, Deashae, and Rohan. Joey and Kevin are especially excited to take on the Marathon as they calculate how long it will take them to conquer the distance, with the speed of their wheelchair at 7km/h! The team has signed up and they are ready to get their fundraising started. Innovate ideas have been swirling the air at the Glenaden house as we sniff and pucker at plans of bake sales and lemonade stands.

Nancy is looking forward to the team coming together and raising as much as they can so the kids can enjoy the benefits in the year to come. Their wish list includes a Karaoke machine and sensory items, but their big goal is to get to Niagara Falls! Nancy left off by letting us know that she is very optimistic about her team, and is hoping that Glenaden will lead the race!

Check in tomorrow for the Bloor location team introduction and prelude to the Scotiabank Marathon!

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