Tyson has had so many Exceptional First moments, it’s hard to pick just one!

Tyson’s mom Christa recalls so clearly what the doctors, therapists and specialists said her infant son wouldn’t be able to do. She and her husband were told that Tyson would never see, hear, walk or talk. But they would soon watch their little boy defy expectations with the support and care of those around him. One year ago they celebrated all the milestones he met to date, and we cheered along with them.

Today, Tyson is meeting more Exceptional Firstmilestones. Amazingly, Tyson is not onlyable to walk with the support of one hand, and will be able to walk independently any day now, he is off his ventilator during the day, his gross motor skills are improving.And because of a new valve on his trach, he is working on speech for the first time!

Christa and her husband never gave up, wanting to see what Tyson was capable of. “When you look back at the progress that was made, the prognosis that was given to you, that’s when you have the wow moments. Look at my child – he’s excelling”.

When Christa reflects on her son’s experience with Safehaven, one of the moments that stands out the most is Tyson’s first baseball game. Safehaven provided Tyson with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend a Blue Jays game and feel like a ‘normal’ kid for quite possibly the first time in his life.

Moments like this are so important for kids living with medically complex care needs – they are a happy antidote to endless appointments, intensive therapies and medical treatments, and bring happy and lasting memories.

Tyson’s medical journey has been full of ups and downs. Having a child with an acute medical illness takes a tremendous toll on the entire family; physically, emotionally and psychologically. During the worst of times, Safehaven was there to offer much needed respite and support. And during the best of times, Safehaven could celebrate in a way only few can understand.

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