Tia’s Story

Tia's Story

Tia and her father traveled the world before settling in Toronto. As exciting as that may be for some, it was difficult for Tia and her father as she was unable to get the care required for her diagnoses of cerebral palsy and autism – it made it difficult for her to live a happy and fulfilling life. In 2014, Tia’s family started using Safehaven’s respite services and eventually Tia became a resident. Her complex care needs were vast, to the point where her ankles had calcified and she could no longer walk. She was highly dependent on others to live her daily life.

Safehaven’s first step was to recruit a “Dream Team” of healthcare professionals to support Tia. Through a cross community partnership, Tia received surgery on her ankles with the goal of increasing her mobility, care and rehab as well as system navigation support for her family. Safehaven supported her father every step of the way, to navigate the Canadian healthcare system and access supports and services that would most benefit Tia.

Tia’s Exceptional First was the catalyst for so many more milestone moments. As a result of her ankle surgery, Tia was eventually able to walk on her own without a mobility device – something she had never experienced before. Tia is thriving. She’s encouraged and becoming more independent and is now learning to advocate for herself thanks to the commitment to care of Safehaven’s staff.

For Tia’s father, he has found an amazing support network at Safehaven. He has seen the quality of care and love that Tia receives every day and he often expresses his infinite gratitude for the home Safehaven has given her. Now their time together is spent making memories as father and daughter – strengthening a bond that will last a lifetime.

Safehaven is a leader in providing respite and residential care to vulnerable populations with complex care needs and multiple disabilities. They have impacted more than 2,000 children, youth and their families over the last 25 years. Safehaven is creating Exceptional Firsts every single day!

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