TORONTO, ON (March 28, 2023)– Following a Request for Proposals (RFP), Safehaven has selected Cumulus Architects and Medical Architecture as the successful proponents to design and plan the redevelopment of their Bloor Street site, located at Bloor and Dufferin. 

The vision for this project is an innovative, state-of-the-art hub that will demonstrate the possibilities that exist in creating exclusive societies for vulnerable individuals to live, grow and thrive in the community. The site will include current programming including respite and transitional programs that support families with either short-term breaks or support as their child transitions out of hospital and back into the community. The project also aims to expand programming to address current gaps in the system of care for vulnerable individuals with medical complexities and disabilities. The project will include supportive and affordable housing units for vulnerable populations who are most in need of care, support and housing services. 

Safehaven will be working with partners in the health and developmental services sectors to explore what this project could provide in order to support the growing needs of this population. 

“The redevelopment of Safehaven’s Bloor site is years in the making and we are excited to begin the planning work with Cumulus and Medical Architecture. Their approach aligns to our vision to create a more inclusive world for individuals with complexities. We look forward to sharing more with our community as the plans come together,” says Mary Peterson, Chair of Safehaven’s Board of Directors.

“Our new project will create innovative spaces and programming for children, youth and adults who are vulnerable and face the daily challenges of living with disabilities and complex care needs. We firmly believe that everyone has the right to belong and be a part of inclusive communities regardless of their abilities. This project will change perceptions and provide much needed supports in the community for our clients,” says Susan Bisaillon, CEO Safehaven.

“We greatly admire the vision that Safehaven has shared with us, there are no built precedents in Canada for the innovative programming and array of residential services they are contemplating. Their Strategic Plan naturally aligns with our approach to design for wellbeing and personal growth. Seldom do architects have the chance to work with such a motivated and passionate client. We are honoured that Safehaven has asked Cumulus and Medical Architecture to bring our collected expertise to the creation of an inclusive and supportive environment which will allow vulnerable individuals to live life to the fullest potential,” said Patsy Poulin, Principal at Cumulus Architects and Lianne Knotts, Director at Medical Architecture in a joint statement.

Safehaven, Cumulus and Medical Architecture will design a site that promotes inclusion and belonging, in alignment to Safehaven’s 2022-2027 Strategic Plan. There is a massive unmet need for support and housing for vulnerable individuals and addressing gaps in the continuum of care is a key goal of this project.  

About Safehaven: Safehaven works hard every day to provide an exceptional place for their clients and families so that they can thrive in place from childhood through to adulthood. Their unique approach provides day programming, respite and residential care in a warm, loving, stimulating environment – an environment that allows medically complex, technology dependent children, youth and adults to live a full and vibrant life in a community setting – one of the only models of its kind across the country.

About Cumulus Architects: Distinguished by their adherence to the principles of team-based design, Cumulus Architects has built a practice rooted in innovation fueled by comprehensive engagement, inclusivity, and creative cross pollination. The firm leverages accumulated knowledge from work across diverse sectors, to bring clarity and refinement to their design process. Founded in 2015, they are based in Toronto with active projects at various intersections of the healthcare, mixed-use development, and residential sectors across Canada.

About Medical Architecture: Specialists in healthcare architecture, Medical Architecture mixes strategic planning and evidence-based design to create therapeutic environments that promote wellbeing and recovery. Since their beginning in 1991, they have worked closely with their clients to develop a clear vision for their facilities, sharing the pride that comes with providing the best possible healthcare. Their large team of dedicated healthcare architects and designers are based in London and Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, with current projects in the UK, Europe and North America.


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