About Safehaven

Safehaven is a not-for-profit organization that has provided residential and respite care to individuals with medical complexities and developmental disabilities for over 30 years. We are dedicated to creating inclusive opportunities for our clients, are advocates for a seamless transition of care from childhood through to adulthood, and strive to create a more inclusive world where our clients can live with dignity and respect because we all belong.

With five locations across the GTA, Safehaven continues to serve thousands of individuals diagnosed with cerebral palsy, down syndrome, muscular dystrophy, genetic disorders, and other medically complex care needs. Partnering with clients, families, agencies, and other organizations, Safehaven provides exceptional care. For more information, please visit https://www.safehaven.to/ or connect with Safehaven on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. 

We are Resilient Because #WeBelong

At Safehaven, we believe that #WeBelong: our resilient clients live full, meaningful lives not defined by developmental disabilities and medically complex care needs.

For over thirty years now, Safehaven has proven to be an inclusive space where youths are empowered to achieve their full potential and live independently. And they do that by feeling right at home in our residential care facility in Toronto where the best of home care and healthcare meet, surrounded by a resilient and welcoming community.

This is How #WeBelong

Safehaven is proud to provide exceptional residential care, respite care and recreational programming to youths living – and thriving – in the face of developmental disabilities and medically complex care needs.

With round-the-clock medical care, multi-sensory therapies, and recreational activities, we have witnessed just how much our clients have overcome – and the potential they’ve earned to take their first steps, run marathons, and even give back to their communities.

Because of these, the youths we support break barriers that their condition would have traditionally imposed, and grow up resilient, independent, and able to lead normal lives like their peers.

Our Resilient Youth

Rhys' Story

For Rhys and his family, Safehaven’s respite care program gives them a break from their regular routine. As members of our community, Rhys can access essential care and support brought on by his genetic condition that causes seizures, while his family can attend to other aspects of their lives to sustain their well-being for periods at a time. While in respite, Rhys feels right at home – and receives the same care and support that his loving family regularly provides.

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Joseph's Story

The hard reality is, children age out of developmental disability support programs once they turn 18 – but many require the same essential supports to remain healthy and achieve their full potential in young adulthood. Over twenty years ago, Joseph was born and diagnosed with agenesis of the corpus callosum, but being over the age of 18 threatens his access to the care he needs. Safehaven continues to advocate for Joseph and many youths on the cusp of adulthood by aiming to expand our programming to include affordable housing, so we can continue supporting them on their journey to a full life.

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brunette female on yellow and red playground

Tia's Story

Safehaven’s residential care service provides Tia with security. Today, she thrives in the face of Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Developmental Delay, Cytomegalovirus and seizure disorder diagnoses. For Tia’s family, Safehaven has provided her a much-needed sense of stability and routine that furthers her physical and social development, and unique gifts.

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Deshae's Story

“One of the hardest things I’ve had to do as a parent was hand my child over to people I didn’t know. I would visit residential facilities and leave in tears – until I found Safehaven. The children were smiling, some laughing – I wanted to see Deshae smile like that.”

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Cameron's Story

“It’s very difficult to find respite supports for Cameron. The main option is a nursing home, which is not the right place for him. And unless you can pay a lot of money for personal support workers, you are left hung out to dry.”

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Joseph's Story

“A lot of times, respite means you have a funeral to go to or an unexpected situation where you can’t physically take your child. You use those days so they have a safe place to go so you can take care of what you need or just take care of yourself.”

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Support Our Resilient Youth

For most people, resilience is the ability to cope and grow stronger in the face of adversity. Resilience isn’t inherent – it can be learned and developed, especially for children with disabilities and their families who support their journey.  

At Safehaven, our support services are designed to build resilience in clients learning to live with their complex medical conditions.  

Our incredible staff of healthcare professionals and advocates empower our clients to defy all odds. Clients grow up understanding their condition, accessing the care they need, and achieving milestones like birthdays and graduations. We celebrate each and every one of these with them and surround them with the love and care they deserve.  

#WeBelong, Thanks to Your Support

Our excellent staff of healthcare professionals and advocates have designed a resilience-building programming that empowers our clients to defy all odds. Our resilient clients grow up understanding their condition, accessing complex care needs, and achieving milestones through special education programs, therapies, and recreational activities, as well as accessible public spaces and affordable housing as they grow up and age out of the system.

#WeBelong in Residential Care in Toronto

Spending the best years of your life in a cold, stale hospital environment is no way to grow up – it’s why we work hard to create a warm, welcoming home for our clients where they can access necessary care for complex medical conditions and developmental disabilities. Our excellent, nurturing healthcare staff and advocates empower clients to thrive with their condition through educational and recreational activities.

#WeBelong with Respite Care in Toronto

It takes a village to raise a child, and an even stronger support network for those learning to thrive with developmental disabilities and complex medical conditions. But even the strongest parents and caregivers need a break, too, in order to better support their loved ones. Our respite care services allow families to breathe and unwind as our staff provides medical support, and children take part in recreational activities.

#WeBelong at Home: Affordable Housing for Disabled Youths in Toronto

Safehaven is a home – one that’s affordable and accessible to families dealing with the impact of raising young children with developmental disabilities and complex care needs. And while the childhood growing up years are designed to prepare kids for adulthood, this stage looks a little different in the face of a disability.

That’s why our goal is to continue providing necessary residential and respite support for individuals over the age of eighteen, long after they age out of the system. Our mission includes a housing model that empowers clients to successfully transition to independent living in young adulthood.

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