Respite Care

Home Away From Home

Rest, recharge and take a little time for yourself, all while knowing your child is having fun and receiving top-quality care. Our respite care program provides relief to families and guardians who provide 24/7 care to their disabled or medically complex child at home. Respite visits can last anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks, giving families time to travel, focus on other relationships, or just get caught up with daily errands.

While in our care, all children are given the opportunity to take part in recreational and leisure activities, including: our summer swim program, music therapy, Snoezelen multi-sensory exploration, crafts, readings, and field trips to local museums and sporting events. All of our activities are designed to help stimulate the senses to improve mobility, alertness, concentration, communication skills and mental relaxation. Learn about some of the recreational and leisure activity programming here!

“What sets Safehaven apart from other respite providers? Easy, Safehaven feels like family.”

What is Respite?

Simply, respite is a short break.

At Safehaven, we know the families that use our services take great pride and joy in caring for their loved ones. But we also know that the physical, emotional and financial burdens of providing 24/7 care can become overwhelming without some support – we are here to provide that support.  From a couple hours after school to a long-weekend stay, we provide exceptional care for children with cerebral palsy, down syndrome, seizure disorder, and other complex care needs while their family takes well-deserved time to recharge.

To see if respite is right for your family, call 416-535-8525 x282. Please note, if Safehaven is the right fit for your family, money will not be a barrier to quality care.

Rest, Relax and Recharge

In our latest quality survey given to families, over 90% of respondents said that to them, respite meant “time to rest and enjoy a break from their normal routine”.

Respite has been shown to help sustain family–caregiver health and well-being, avoid or delay out-of-home placements, and improve development by placing individuals amongst their peers in community-based care, with independent living components that help disabled youth and adults thrive. We are so passionate about providing first-class respite care because we’ve seen firsthand how life changing it can be when a family finds our services.

If you’re feeling burnt-out, overwhelmed or in need of a change of pace, respite might be right for you. Reach out to our social work team at 416-535-8525 x282 and see how we can help bring balance back to your life.