Residential Care

Welcome Home

Our residential care program provides round-the-clock care, 365 days a year to individuals with developmental disabilities and complex care needs, such as cerebral palsy, down syndrome, muscular dystrophy and more. Children are supported in community-based residences with trained and motivated staff, and receive care tailored to suit their specific medical, physical and emotional needs. As part of our independent, community living model, most children go to school during the day, and all children take part in recreation and leisure activities. Safehaven designates one staff for every two residents, and works closely with families to establish routines and an understanding of your child’s needs.

Our Facilities

Nestled in some of Toronto’s most desirable residential neighbourhoods, Safehaven properties are indistinguishable from every other house on the block – that’s because we want all our clients to feel that #WeBelong in an independent, community-based care setting: they are coming home, not visiting a medical facility. Thanks to our generous community partners and sponsors, all of our residential and respite facilities have received major renovations within the last three years, including upgraded technology and accessibility improvements.

“I love how homey Safehaven feels. The whole environment is so warm and inviting.”

Residential Living

Essential to our model of care is the belief that children supported by Safehaven should have the same experiences as any other child. Kids should be kids, regardless of the complexity of their medical condition or developmental disability. Disabled and high complexity children are given the opportunity to take part in a variety of accessible community and recreational activities so that they can develop to the best of their abilities physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.

Families are invited and encouraged to play a vital role in the care of their children. Parents and guardians are given unlimited access to our homes for visits and check-ins, and are involved at every step whenever there is a change made to their child’s care plan.