COVID-19 Resources

Toronto Public Health COVID-19 Updates

Updates as of January 2022


COVID-19 Guidance for Retail Settings | PDF

COVID-19 Guidance for Malls and Shopping Centres | PDF

Preventing COVID-19 in the Workplace | PDF

COVID-19 Guidance for In-Person Instructional Services | PDF

COVID-19 Guidance for Tour and Guide Services | PDF

COVID-19 Guidance for Cultural and Heritage Institutions and Attractions | PDF

COVID-19 Guidance for Indoor and Outdoor Events and Gatherings | PDF

Checklist for Planning a Wedding | PDF

Checklist for Planning a Funeral Reception/Celebration of Life | PDF

COVID-19 Guidance for Funeral Homes | PDF

COVID-19 Guidance for Cemeteries | PDF

COVID-19 Guidance for Places of Worship | PDF

COVID-19 Guidance for Drive-In/Drive-Through Events | PDF

COVID-19 Guidance for Commercial and Residential Buildings | PDF

COVID-19 Information for Residents in Residential Buildings | PDF

(Updated) COVID-19 Guidance for Outdoor Recreational Amenities | PDF

Checklist for Using Outdoor Recreational Amenities | PDF

COVID-19 Guidance for Outdoor Playgrounds | PDF

(Updated) COVID-19 Guidance for Sports and Recreational Fitness Facilities | PDF

COVID-19 Guidance for Community Gardens | PDF

COVID-19 Guidance for Community Non-Profit Services | PDF

Community Non-Profit Services and Programs COVID-19 Prevention Checklist | PDF

(Updated) COVID-19 Guidance for Food Banks and Donation Centres | PDF

(Updated) Checklist for Safely Organizing a Donation Drive | PDF

COVID-19 Guidance for Pet Grooming, Sitting and Walking Services | PDF

COVID-19 Guidance for Taxis and Ride Shares | PDF

Reopening Guidelines for Businesses and Community Organizations

Information for Being in Public Places

Maintain a Customer Log to Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 Infographic| PDF

Collection of Information Notice for Food and Drink Establishments |PDF

COVID-19 Self Isolation Class Order Fact Sheet translations in multiple languages

Coordinated COVID-19 Testing for Child Care Settings FAQ | PDF

Ministry of Education Operational Guidance for Child Care during COVID-19 Outbreak |PDF

Safer Sex during COVID-19 fact sheet translations in multiple languages

(Updated) Guidance for Donation Drives

Youth/ Child/ Schools 

Back to School Confirmation Form

Back to School Confirmation Form

COVID-19 Guidance: Child Care Centres

Return to Child Care Form

COVID-19 Guidance: Day Camps | PDF

Physical Distancing on Elevators – Smaller Elevators poster | PDF

Know when to Self-Monitor, Self-Isolate or Send your Child to School (school scenario) fact sheet| PDF

(Updated) Choosing the Right Mask for Your Child

(Updated) What To Do If Your Child Has COVID-19 Symptoms fact sheet|PDF

(Updated) How to Self-Monitor if Someone at School Tests Positive for COVID-19 fact sheet|PDF

(New) COVID-19 Decision Tool for School Staff and Visitors in French|PDF

(Updated) Understanding COVID-19 Symptoms in JK-12 Students|PDF

(Updated) What to do if Your Child has COVID-19 Symptoms in French|PDF

(New) Letters to Parents in French|PDF

(Updated) Know When to Self Monitor, Self Isolate, or Send Your Child to School in French|PDF

(Updated) Liaison Public Health Nurse

COVID-19 Resources

Updates as of January 2022


Vaccine Eligibility

Booking Your Second Dose

(Updated) Third Doses

How to Get Vaccinated Residents without OHIP Cards

Hospital Immunization Clinics

City Immunization Clinics

How to Get Your Vaccination Receipt

How to Document Your Out of Province or Non-Ontario Stock Vaccine

(New) Tips to Keep in Mind as You Plan Your COVID-19 Vaccination Infographic|PDF

(New) COVID-19 Vaccine and Fertility Infographic + translations in multiple languages|PDF

Benefits of Being Fully Vaccinated

(Updated) About the Vaccines

(Updated) Getting an additional dose if you received a vaccine outside of Ontario/Canada

National Advisory Committee on Immunization: Interim guidance on booster COVID-19 vaccine doses in Canada (PDF)

National Advisory Committee on Immunization: COVID-19 & pregnancy

Vaccinations- Children

COVID-19: Children & Vaccines

Team Toronto launches parent survey, town halls, and education opportunities to help families get ready for COVID-19 vaccination of children (media release)

Behavioral Science-Informed Strategies for Increasing COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake in Children and Youth

Health Professionals

(Updated) COVID-19 Information for Health Professionals: Vaccines

(New) COVID-19 Vaccine Third Dose Patient Referral Form|PDF

(New) September 17 Comunique newsletter for health professionals


(New) COVID-19 Vaccine Getting Started Checklist for Workplaces| PDF

(New) Steps to Build Employee Confidence for a Safer Return to Work| PDF

(New) COVID-19 Vaccination: Understanding the Benefits and Risks education module

Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 in the Workplace Checklist|PDF

(Updated) Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 Variants of Concern in the Workplace Checklist|PDF

(Updated) Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 in Manufacturing Checklist|PDF

(Updated) Establishing a Vaccination Policy for Your Workplace

COVID-19 Staff Screening Questionnaire|PDF

COVID-19 Patron Screening Poster| PDF

(Updated) Supporting Employees Who Test Positive for COVID-19 Infographic|PDF

Active Screening tool for patrons|PDF

Homeless Services & Congregate Settings

(New) Ventilation resources for homelessness services and congregate living settings

Screening/ Symptoms/ Testing

(Updated) What to Do if You Have COVID-19 Symptoms: If You Develop Symptoms

What to Do if You Have COVID-19 Symptoms: Get Tested

(Updated) What to Do if you Have COVID-19: Household Members Must Self-Isolate

(Updated) Patron Active Self-Screening Tool|PDF

Patron Self-Screening Poster in French|PDF

Self Isolation/ Close Contacts

(New) What to do if you are a close contact of a person with COVID-19 fact sheet|PDF

(Updated) COVID-19 Self-Isolation Class Order Face Sheet Translations in multiple languages