2017-2018 Impact Report
What an incredible year for Safehaven! Please take a moment and read our story from this past year and the impact we’re making in our community.

2017-2022 Strategic Plan
Our Strategic Plan outlines how, over the next five years, we will successfully carry out our Mission to provide high-quality, family-centred and community-based residential and respite care for individuals with complex care needs.

Infection Control
Infection control guidelines are designed to protect people from diseases spread by blood and certain body fluids. We report on rates of infection in order to benchmark, improve and deliver the best care.

Client Feedback
Understanding your unique knowledge and experience is essential to ensuring we continue to provide the highest standard of care. Please review our feedback and complaints policy, and feel free to submit your comments and suggestions at the link below.

Client and Family Handbook
Our Client and Family Handbook provides an in-depth orientation on the services we offer, and the policies, procedures and processes that allow us to deliver exceptional care. It is a valuable reference for all our families and clients, as well as anyone looking to learn more about Safehaven.

Board Meeting Minutes
The best organizations are transparent organizations. We make all our board meeting minutes accessible to ensure staff, families and the public are aware of how we make major decisions, and to maintain accountability to our clients and community partners.

Committee Structure
Our committees are established at the direction of the Board of Directors to take-on key priorities and major projects.

Accessibility Act
Recognizing the history of discrimination against persons with disabilities in Ontario, the purpose of this Act is to benefit all Ontarians by developing, implementing and enforcing accessibility standards.