Kimone’s Story

Sixteen-year-old Kimone is known for her passion for life – her sweet smile and warm personality.

Her first introduction to Safehaven was in 2007 as a respite client. When Kimone first arrived at Safehaven, the feelings of loneliness she had long experienced impacted her confidence, making it difficult for her to make friends. In 2015 she became a resident as her daily needs were becoming too much for her grandmother – her caregiver – to manage.

As time progressed, the staff and residents at Safehaven became Kimone’s extended family – not only helping her to manage her cerebral palsy everyday but to meet milestones some thought were impossible and experience one of many Exceptional Firsts! One of the most memorable being her Sweet 16th Birthday Party that the staff at Safehaven organized.

Kimone loved everything about her party but appreciated most the opportunity to connect one-on-one with friends. Living with cerebral palsy can be difficult. The resulting daily challenges became the catalyst for her feelings of social isolation and loneliness. Kids with special needs can be perceived as ‘different’, making it hard to build friendships. That’s why this experience was so much more than a party – it was an unprecedented chance for Kimone to feel a strong sense of belonging that had previously been missing – to build connections, to make friends.  

Now, Kimone takes full advantage of all the programs and activities available through Safehaven. She loves participating in music therapy, going on social outings and watching her favourite Marvel movies with friends. Kimone also sees her grandmother all the time – always anxious for her to arrive so they can be together and even do each other’s hair!

Safehaven has been more than a residential facility – it has been a place that believes kids should just be kids and that emotional and social development is as equally important as providing medical care. Safehaven is home and their staff go above and beyond in creating experiences that their clients and families will remember for a life time.

Thanks to the connections she’s built at Safehaven, Kimone has experienced friendship, pride in her achievements and feels a real sense of community that has helped her blossom into the confident young woman she is today.

Safehaven is a leader in providing respite and residential care to vulnerable populations with complex care needs and multiple disabilities. They have impacted more than 2,000 children, youth and their families over the last 25 years. Safehaven is creating Exceptional Firsts every single day!

You have the ability to create more Exceptional Firsts for kids like Kimone. Donate $100 and you can provide a therapeutic clown program for a group of kids – you can be part of another child’s story.