For Gillian, Safehaven is not just a workplace, it’s a place to call home

Welcome back to the introductions for the Safehaven CCC’s (Client Care Coordinators) and the prelude to the Scotiabank Marathon! Let’s introduce GillianMootoo, the CCC from the Claylandhome at our North York location.

For Gillian, Safehaven doesn’t simply stand as her workplace; it’s a place of comfort that she can call home. Safehaven was Gillian’s very first job after she graduated from school. Her teacher directed her towards Safehaven and as soon as she started, Gillian realized this where she wanted to be – she wanted to focus her attention on the kids. Her journey at Safehaven began seventeen years ago, where Gillian started as a part-time support worker. While her commitment and passion developed, she achieved positions as a team lead, a supervisor and now, CCC at the Clayland location.

Playful memories full of activity with the kids are her warmest moments, as she describes that the loving interaction with the kids is her most valued time. Tender memories at Safehaven are heartfelt and plentiful. Yet, when working with a vulnerable population, Gillian tells us that there are always tough experiences that come along with such a rewarding job. “I can be working with the same kids for 10-15 years” and these are Gillian’s hardest goodbyes. When a child passes away – the feeling never gets easier; you never become accustomed to that pain.

Yet for Gillian, wherever the kids are, is her favorite place to be at Safehaven. It’s being able to feel their joy and happiness through, “the brightening smiles on their faces, it tells me that I’m doing something right.” For Gillian, being a CCC is a rewarding position – she has the opportunity to learn more about Safehaven as an organization, but at the same time, has the privilege to be with the kids every day. And for Gillian, it’s the kids that “keep me going, there’s no way I could leave.”

In Gillian’s seventeen years, Safehaven has flourished from the time that she had started. One of the largest developments that Safehaven has made has been the growth in promotion and advertising. The public eye began to recognize the Safehaven name and logo; people were reaching out and saying, “Hey, I know Safehaven because my friend’s child is a client there.” And today, there is more recognition and acknowledgment towards the services that Safehaven provides, and we look forward to that growth.

Supporting the recognition that Safehaven has received, Safehaven is thrilled to be a part of the 2019 Scotiabank Marathon!

Gillian is enthusiastic about the Marathon’s arrival as she’s expecting 4/6 of her clients to be participating. Satuma, Mikayla, Jonny and, Tia are set to go! However, Gillian is most excited to see how far the boys from Glenaden will go!  She is delighted to see their eagerness as they tell us about their goals for the Marathon.

Clayland will definitely be fundraising–Gillian tells us to watch out, “we’re trying to beat out Timber Lane this year.” Gillian’s working on getting all of her staff to participate in the marathon. However, it’s all hands on deck when it comes to fundraising; Clayland’s fundraising will contribute toward the recreational program, along with repairing a ramp for the home.

Check in tomorrow for the Auroa location team introduction and the prelude to the Scotiabank Marathon.

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